Our lucky contest

Share your emotions, mark your post with the #Over150fragrances hashtag and win a trip for two to the lucky Canary Islands!

Participate in the contest:

  1. Share your emotions, post a photo, video or status. Each subsequent week has a new theme which will inspire you to do something great.
  2. You can participate in our game via any social media channel: Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook. If you choose Facebook, remember to publish in the public mode.
  3. Use the #Over150fragrances hashtag.

Each week you can get a Fragrant Box and after 4 weeks of fun, one of the finalists will win a trip to the lucky Canary Islands!

Follow our wall and see how the theme of the week inspires people all over the world!

Participation in the competition is tantamount to having read and accepted the Terms and Conditions.



Kaja DutkaOur lucky contest